Martinis...With a Twist!



As you may have guessed from browsing my website we're also a full-service, "one-stop" shop for the clients who are looking for a comprehensive planning experience.  With years of experience getting hundreds of brides happily "down the aisle" while attending to every detail for both ceremony and reception we're always there for you if you choose!

If you're looking only for decor and lighting we're happy to oblige.  Some clients however are seeking that "comprehensive" experience which we love!  We're pleased to offer both "day of" as well as full coordination.  As every client is different we base our pricing accordingly.

As most planners offer "packages" or "tiers" offering exactly what is included (or not) we're a bit more personal.  We feel that meeting you in person and seeing what you actually need or desire is a better way to quote a "firm" price.

As a guideline, our "day of" coordination including some initial meetings, an event supervisor as well as myself, advice, a timeline for all vendors and "all day" supervision of all vendor deliveries, client activities, etc. typically costs approximately $1700.00 based on your specific event.

For those clients seeking a full coordination (including unlimited meetings (both with most vendors and myself) and advice on all aspects of your event, coordination, negotiation, supervision, set-up and more) our prices typically cost approximately $3000.00 based on your needs. This service is fully comprehensive.  We will always exceed your expectations.

For those clients seeking both decor AND coordination we offer excellent "package" pricing to encompass both.  The more we provide, the better your price.

As always we quote every client and price based on what you're looking for.  Call, text or e-mail us today for more information!